The Dumb Architect’s Guide to Glazing Selection

The Dumb Architect’s Guide to Glazing Selection

This book serves as an excellent introduction for architects wanting to make intelligent decisions on how to pick glazing for their building designs in order to lower environmental impact, save money and increase comfort. This glazing guide is the first in a series of books that will teach technical green building subjects in a fun-simple to understand manner.

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Author: Jason F. McLennan
ISBN: 978-0974903316

“Comprehensive and fun! Why wasn’t this available when I was learning about glazing?” — Bob Berkebile, FAIA, BNIM Architects

“Fun and entirely informative” — Pliny Fisk III, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

“This guide is an excellent start for architects wanting a more scientific approach to glazing selection. I highly recommend it.” — Greg Franta, Ensar Group