The Philosophy of Sustainable Design

The Philosophy of Sustainable Design

In “The Philosophy of Sustainable Design“, Jason McLennan outlines the major ideas and issues that have emerged in the growing movement of green architecture and sustainable design over the last thirty years. This book is intended as a starting point for anyone involved in the building industry on a journey to learn how they can build more responsibly. The book is rooted in practical knowledge but rather than being a ‘how to’ book, asks individuals to understand how the philosophy of sustainable design can affect their own work. This book lays the groundwork and philosophical basis for more technical study. McLennan relies on his extensive experience with sustainable design having been a consultant to dozens of projects and design teams all over the country. Tapping into the work of many pioneers and ‘green design philosophers’ McLennan clearly presents a framework for people to understand Sustainable Design and how ultimately it will become the future of architecture and design.

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Author: Jason F. McLennan
ISBN: 978-0-9749033-0-9

“Bold, insightful and inspiring, McLennan has given us a compelling vision of sustainable design in its historical and philosophical context.” — Nadav Malin, Editor, Environmental Building News

“McLennan’s graceful and accessible articulation of the underpinnings of sustainable design is jam packed with wisdom, tools and inspiration.” — Gail Vittori, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

“With passion and clarity Jason McLennan has traced the past, present and future of green design.” — William D. Browning, Founder of the Green Development Services at the Rocky Mountain Institute