Transformational Thought I

Transformational Thought by Jason F. McLennan is a dynamic collection of provocative essays that critically challenge the design practices and thinking that are interwoven within our contemporary cultural, societal, personal value systems. Rather than an ominous commentary about the terminal shortcomings of society, McLennan relates his architectural acumen and his eclectic knowledge of sustainability, proposing an intelligent, and sometimes radical rethinking of how we live, work, and plan for a living future.

McLennan addresses a wide variety of themes from personal to far-reaching systemic change. Each insight points the reader toward sustainable solutions, challenges the status quo, balances practicality with philosophy, and prepares us for a healthy and prosperous future. McLennan advocates for rapid social change – calling for people to engage in productive initiatives beyond current models and to cooperate, take chances and experiment outside of current corporate imagination and our precarious societal scaffolding. Transformational Thought provides us with compelling and timely direction in the most highly transformative era humanity is yet to face.

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Author: Jason F. McLennan
ISBN: 9780982690208